Kent Sterling Fired as Program Director of WIBC and 1070 The Fan

In the event that anyone googles “Kent Sterling Fired”, I want them to come to my site. Why not. Maximize page views. In fact, it’s unlikely people will google this, unless my wife is eager to read additional material on the temporary freeze of her husband’s career.

My head is still swimming a little bit, but I know enough that staying busy is a really good idea for me. Hence this blog exists.

One of the things I really enjoyed about my responsibilities with The Fan was writing a blog about whatever the hell I wanted. The results were immediate and accurate, in stark contrast to the methodology of radio listener measurement. If I wrote something that resonated, I got hits. If I wrote about something only I gave a damn about, nothing happened.

In December, The Fan’s website generated 258,000 page views, which was 58,000 more than we had ever done. In November, we hit 200,000 page views. My blog did 48,000 views last month. That showed improvement that gave me reason to believe that I could write well enough and agitate effectively enough to get some people to come to a site and read for two-minutes a day.

I like to write, so that is what I’ll do. Everyday. You have to work, and that’s what I’ll do. Instead of busting my ass to bring people to, I’ll bring them here. Certainly not in the same number at first, but I’ll do the work, have the fun, and reap whatever reward there is to reap.

My overhead is minimal. $10 to for the URL. And some cash to Rob Nichols for helping me get all of this up and running. That’s really it. Rob is another Emmis expatriate, although he left of his own volition.

He is the first place former Emmis folk turn for help when they are shown the door. Rob should get a taste of the HR money Emmis allocates to generalists who help the dearly departed deal with their newly acquired free time.

I wish everyone at Emmis well. It’s a great place to work during a very tough economic time. This year has been especially hard for Emmis Indy. I remember sitting in my office in 2005 and thinking about how the place never changes. Change came with a vengeance, and finally swept me out too.

And it will sweep John Calipari from his perch of iniquity in Lexington.  May he land with grace and may Kentucky be allowed by the NCAA to keep their wins and banners.

2 thoughts on “Kent Sterling Fired as Program Director of WIBC and 1070 The Fan

  1. Weaver


    Congratulations on your televison debut on Fox 59 Sports last night. You were great! In fact, you were so good that my wife and I expected to see you making the rounds on the local morning shows like Fox 59 or Indy-Style. Also, now that you have a sports talk show on Saturday mornings means I no longer have to listen to Dick Crumm giving advice on how to kill moles in my yard.

  2. david ball

    amazing…you get fired and still have the unmitigated gall to call UK fans slack-jawed inbreds???? too bad my Master’s degree outweighs your funny little GED level associates degree…maybe you’d be better equipped to hold onto a career instead of breeding animosity, but then again writing (poorly) will keep you busy…soon you will be just a faint memory and those with a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in sportswriting will pass you in your decline…congratulations on being nothing more than a mockery of the very school you wished to support…moronic


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