Mark Boyle – Voice of the Indiana Pacers Closes in on 2,000th Call

by Kent Sterling

Now that Jerry Sloan is gone, no coach has been with the same franchise as long as Mark Boyle has been with the Indiana Pacers. In 20 days, Boyle will call his 2,000th game as the voice that has told the story and painted the picture for every Pacers team since 1988.

He’s seen the highs and lows, watched the good and bad, and made damn sure he was prepared to bring his best to all of them. Boyle is honest, unvarnished, and curious.

Over the next four weeks, will give you a glimpse into the process this unique talent uses to be “competent” (his word) in an effort to earn the respect that drives him.

I won’t pretend that I have heard each and every NBA play-by-play voice – I haven’t. Maybe I’ve caught half of them. Of those I have heard, Mark is without peer. His preparation is on display every broadcast, as is his passion for the craft.

Fans listen, and have little knowledge of the work and creativity that goes into the delivery of every description. Some play-by-play voices believe it’s their personality that carries the show, and they simply show up and say what they see. Mark works, and lets his personality take a backseat to the art of presentation.

Boyle likes the NBA, enjoys his role with the Pacers, and loves the art of broadcasting.

This interview is expansive, so it’s cut into four parts.

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