Matt Howard Cementing His Reputation as Being What College Basketball Should Be All About

by Kent Sterling

There is something about March that rewards virtue and penalizes the weak.  Matt Howard and Butler continue to dance into the Sweet Sixteen, and Bruce Pearl is sent back to Knoxville to sweat (literally) out his final days as the bastion of amorality he has always been.

Better to spend time learning about the goodness of Howard than the shortsighted concessions to decency that Pearl has made, and now has come to represent.

Here’s a fairly expansive interview with Matt Howard, who is exactly as decent and selfless as he appears.

I watch that interview, and feel both very pleased for Butler coach Brad Stevens, who had the foresight to recruit Matt hard and the joy of coaching him, and terrible for him because at some point during the next 15 days he will coach Matt for the last time.

The future of Butler Basketball after Matt, Zach Hahn, and Shawn Vanzant can and will be discussed at length later.  Right now, Bulldog fans and crusty and jaded media types should revel in the qualities of their basketball and character.

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