Cathedral Guard Jalen Coleman Talks About Getting Better at Basketball

by Kent Sterling

There is always a little knot in my stomach about meeting a kid that I like to watch on the court because there are times – not often – when the quality of a kid’s character doesn’t match the way he plays the game.  I really like Jalen Coleman on the floor, and I was pleased in talking to him to find that he is an outstanding young man as well.

Coleman is being recruited by every college basketball program that believes they have a shot because he is one of those kids who appears to almost always know what to do with the basketball, and at 6’2″ looks like there is still some growing left for him.

Even with the unique physical gifts he possesses, the best thing about Coleman is that he knows exactly who he is and what makes him happy.  He has assessed his areas of need, and is working on them.  When I first spoke with Victor Oladipo prior to his freshman year, I thought the kid reeked of success.  The feeling was exactly the same talking to Coleman.

In this clip, he talks about what he needs to do to maximize his potential.

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