RTV-6 Pacers Postgame Coverage Provides Some Laughs

by Kent Sterling

UnknownVery few Indianapolis viewers watch RTV6 newscasts.  Ratings are generally poor for their efforts.  With a lead-in of the Pacers Game One win over the Knicks, they had some eyes on them that normally might have been elsewhere.

The payoff for those viewers was a weird, poorly cued, and inadequately lit mess of a live shot from Scotty’s Brewhouse.

I felt bad for reporter Tanya Spencer.  Fan reaction pieces are all the same, and the result is almost always mediocre.  Normal people generally suck on TV – especially in bars.  It’s an easy call for the assignment editor, whose real job has become finding ways to keep viewers around in between weather updates, to send Tanya-esque folks to bars where daytime drinkers enjoy themselves on a Sunday.

Some of the normal people comments have been trimmed, but I left in the lady at the end because she is hilariously bored with her own thoughts.

By the way, this is not meant to demean the work being done by the staff at RTV-6, nor should you infer that they just mail it in over there.  I’ve worked at great stations and terrible ones.  People sometimes work harder at places where things go wrong, and they are almost never compensated at a level commensurate with that effort.

I’ve been a part of many things going wrong, so I find these episodes funny.  Here’s to the people at RTV-6 continuing to fight the good fight.  The laughter in the background toward the end is from my wife and son.

4 thoughts on “RTV-6 Pacers Postgame Coverage Provides Some Laughs

  1. Patrick Ruth

    Hahaha! So funny to see this…I commented to Val right after this piece how I love the live Indiana bar reporter talkin with the patron that arrived at 10am for an afternoon tip. Always interesting!

  2. Rob

    Lazy ass TV. There is no story there. And the anchor? He is w
    way too geeked up. Weekend staff always seems a little intern-like anyway. No sympathy.. You are being too kind to them. I don’t think they worked their butts off for this one…

  3. Kurt Breidenbaugh

    I don’t understand that fans comment regarding “not sure how far they would go compared to last season”? They got to the second round then and they are in the second round now! Wow, that was the best that Scotty’s crowd has to offer? I watched the same thing live and didn’t understand any of it then either.


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