Coach Rick Venturi Loves Colts 2013 Draft Class

by Kent Sterling

The 2012 draft for the Colts yielded some spectacular results.  Andrew Luck, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, T.Y. Hilton, and Vick Ballard headlined the class, and whether it was because the rest of the cupboard was bare, or because these guys were just that good, it went a long way toward producing a shocking 11-5 record.

The draft class for 2013 isn’t as sexy, but according to one of the best defensive minds in NFL history, it might be every bit as important to the Indy’s success as was the 2012 group.  Coach Rick Venturi and I sat down

There will be more from Coach Venturi through the next couple of weeks as we find a way to make the gap between the draft and the opening of camp pass a little more quickly.

On Wednesday, Coach will assess the Rams chances in the NFC West.

One thought on “Coach Rick Venturi Loves Colts 2013 Draft Class

  1. klik

    Zijn als je mijn gedachten lezen! U lijken te weten veel over dit, zoals u het boek schreef in het of iets. Ik denk dat je zou kunnen kan doen met wat foto’s om de boodschap een beetje rijden, maar anders dan dat, is dit prachtig blog. Een uitstekend lezen. ik zal zeker zeker terug.


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