Gregg Doyel Calls Out Dwyane Wade and Comments Rage on

by Kent Sterling

imagesI love Gregg Doyel as a writer.  He’s angry, funny, and shares his version of the truth with enough hyperbole to make it interesting.  I hope I’m half the writer he is when I grow up.  His segments with Dan Dakich on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis are some of the best radio I’ve heard.

Two days ago, Doyel called out Dwyane Wade for being a dirty player and words and used video compilations that show plenty of Wade’s mean spirited antics.  Of course, he’s right.  Wade has devolved into a shell of the player he was when healthy.

People who read Doyel’s column took offense, and the critics included ESPN’s Mike & Mike.  Golic jumped up and down a little bit saying that Doyel embellishes everything – which is his job.  Being clever as a columnist isn’t a crime, it’s a requirement.

Golic is one thing.  He’s paid to talk on ESPN Radio, and he’s good at it.  Sometimes the comments remind writers of who reads their work, and like a Hoosier going to the State Fair and being reminded of who else lives here, it can be unpleasant and vexing.  Here is a sample:

  • “This article is poorly argued, and sounds like the emotional rant of an angry, 15 year old Pacers fan. Act like a nationally syndicated columnist next time. This is obviously an outgrowth of the same unmerited hatred for all things Heat. I know what it’s like to deal with the Heat as a Mavs fan. But like I said, this is an unsophisticated rant. Shame on you.”
  • “this is what you call, making noise.  He’s simply making noise to get his name out there.  This morning, he got yelled at by Mike Golic from Mike and Mike cause his accusations were irrelevant and simply egregious.”
  • “doyle is an idiot”
  • “Dude, Mike Golic from Mike and Mike yelled at this guy this morning on Mike and Mike radio. I think Mike Golic couldn’t stand this guys egregious accusations and that warranted the yelling.  He’s a no name columnist trying to make noise. That’s all.”
  • And finally, “Telling the truth? he’s hiding behind a computer and saying things he would never have the guts to say to Wade’s face. typical internet coward.”


There are comments that agree, but that’s a representative group of dissenters, and reflect the mindset of most of the cranks who disagree.  They name call, and then carp about how the writer doesn’t have the guts to say what he believes to the subject’s face – like it’s a columnists job to track down the subject of every negative piece and confront the guy.

Most of the time, when possible the good writers do exactly that.  Doyel doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would hide in a corner to avoid Dwyane Wade or anyone else.  The majority of the athletes and coaches respect the people who write their minds and show up the next day.

It’s Doyel’s job to tell the truth as he sees it, and he does it with humor and grace.

6 thoughts on “Gregg Doyel Calls Out Dwyane Wade and Comments Rage on

  1. oldblue125

    i’dm disappointed in golic. it’s a column and not an article per se. and mike do something more than respond with an ad hominem attack, those are the sign of a non functioning brain. wade is a punk who needs to be gooned

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