Incredible and Hilarious News Blunder from KTVU in the Bay Area

Nothing in “Anchorman” was this outrageous.  The newsroom is run by former Fox 59 news director Lee Rosenthal.  Been on the job for three months, but still work to be done I guess.

Usually, this kind of buffoonery is restricted to small markets where 22 year-olds cut their teeth.  This is a real TV station in San Francisco for the love of God.

I included the clip with the retraction because I don’t believe for a second that the NTSB actually confirmed those names.

4 thoughts on “Incredible and Hilarious News Blunder from KTVU in the Bay Area

  1. Pauly Balst

    I keep thinking about the tremendous feeling of pride and satisfaction someone, somewhere must have for pulling this off. That, and that’s one dumb broad newsreader.

    1. chris fiore

      cant imagine how great that kid must feel — I say kid b/c anyone 12 or older would have gotten that prior to broadcast…….clearly not ktvu news……one of the most hysterical blunders in the history of media.
      And btw would all you whiners please get over yourselves and just have a good bellylaugh


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