Indianapolis Colts – Rick Venturi Talks About Owner Jim Irsay, Preseason Football, and Jay Cutler

by Kent Sterling

The coach knows all, and he shares it below.

The coach knows all, and he shares it below.

Colts owner Jim Irsay is a bit of a puzzle wrapped in a riddle encased in an enigma, so trying to guess what he’s trying to do with his Twitter account is anyone’s guess.  When making a guess, it’s always good to talk to someone who worked with the mercurial head horseshoe for 12 years.

Rick Venturi knows Irsay in ways that few others ever will, and he shares his insight in the interview below. He also talks about the 2013 Colts – what can be expected during the remainder of the preseason and beyond.

When the former NFL head coach and defensive coordinator mentioned his friendship with Marc Trestman, I asked about Jay Cutler, and his future with the Chicago Bears.

As always, with Rick Venturi you get unique and informed insight unavailable elsewhere.  Listen to the interview below and tell me you wouldn’t want to hear that level of compelling content in Indianapolis or nationally on a daily basis.

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