Another Day, Another Video Produced by Untalented But Earnest White People

by Kent Sterling

A scene of Kato Wide Party is shot - I'm guessing - in Mankato.

A scene of Kato Wide Party is shot – I’m guessing – in Mankato.

State legislatures pass bills to protect us from bad food, bad driving, and bad doctors.  We can’t tamper with the mail, trespass on one another’s lawns, make too much noise, pour paint down a storm drain, ride a bike faster than 15 mph on the Monon Trail, or carry a non-transparent bag into an NFL stadium.  But any moron can produce a video extolling the virtues of any damn thing.

The latest is a video love letter from the town of Mankato to the Minnesota Vikings to thank them for spending a few weeks each summer there for training camp.

Not only is “It’s a Kato-wide Party” a train wreck artistically like the two videos from Purdue we’ve been exposed to over the past couple of days, it’s especially repellent because it was produced by a radio station in Mankato.  The station filled the video with bits filmed at sponsor locations.  To profit from your artistic inabilities is especially repellent.

Unlike the Purdue videos, (you thought “You Ought to Be Proud” was the only video produced by these Boilermakers?  The first celebrated engineering, and it was equally brutal), the video with there is an African African sighting or three, although it’s the first is a strange interlude with a black lady sitting on a pile of Vikings sway.  Leslie Frazier and some players are also included later, without ruining their fred.

The most off-putting aspect of this mess, yes even more offensive than whoring clients into it is the percentage of people who are honestly trying to captivate with their performances.  Appearing cool in these thing is not an option.

For those who missed both the basketball and engineering videos from the little group that couldn’t in West Lafayette, those are below.

For the love of God, can’t these be stopped?

4 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Video Produced by Untalented But Earnest White People

  1. alli

    I disagree with you. I think the purdue engineering videos are actually great. People need to realize that the first two videos were just students trying to have a good time in college. They just wanted to have fun and they did so by making video that many people found extremely entertaining. Just because you have bad taste, you shouldn’t be ragging on these kids. They have the creativity you lack- the ability to create something, not just sit back and judge others.

    1. kentsterling Post author

      Nobody said they are bad kids, dopey kids, silly kids, dumb kids, lazy kids, or criminal kids – just that they aren’t very good at creatively executing a video. I would guess they are very smart kids who find wonderful ways to amuse themselves in their down time. And if we don’t think the videos are very good, we don’t need to watch them. The videos are kind of like a bad singer. Just because a person who enjoys the hell out of belting out a tune, that doesn’t mean he or she should be heard doing it. The choice is ours to support the effort, or run because we can’t take the racket.

      I wish the kids had nutted up and left the second video on youtube. Own your work – regardless of the response.

  2. Lew S. Crews

    Sung to the tune of “This is Indiana”:

    We’re from Indiana, but we are Peee-Yooo,
    You likely dont care, less you’re from Tippy-cun-noo,

    NCAA Champion banner, find a total of one here,
    Our baller broads won one, but zero from our steers,

    Heres the queer thing though, dont mean that like gay,
    The coach won it all, then she left us the next day,

    IU has 29 banners, compared to our one,
    Dont like to talk about that, but sure looks like its fun,

    We’re from Indiana, but we are Pee-Yooo,
    Basically irrelevant, but what you gonna do?

    Baylor of the north, may be good but never great,
    We’ll get back to our corner now, third college in the state,

    Tonys! Oscars! Emmys! Grammys! Pulitzers too,
    None in Lafayette, but you’ll find them at IU,

    All is not lost here, with this catchy little tune,
    40 some years ago, we put a hero on the moon!

    We’re from Indiana, but we are Peee-yooo…..


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