Final “Ahead of the Curve” with Hagan & Sterling to air today at 10a on 1070 the Fan

by Kent Sterling

The last ride for Chris Hagan and me airs today from 10a-12p.

The last ride for Chris Hagan and me airs today from 10a-12p.

Going out with a bang and not a whimper is the goal.  It’s been a lot of fun, but today’s “Ahead of the Curve” will be the final installment.

I’m headed to CBS Sports 1430 to begin hosting a show weekdays from 3p-6p beginning June 23rd, and for obvious reasons that means any presence on 1070 the Fan must cease.

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Fox 59’s Chris Hagan and I will talk to two of our favorite guests – Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz and the always insightful Rick Venturi about everything going on in sports – minus the World Cup.

Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke to Bob this week, and he wrote a poignant piece on about his feelings about Irsay’s battle with addiction, and whether he will be able to answer the bell everyday to avoid a relapse.

Venturi worked with Irsay for years while with the Colts for more than a decade, and has his own views about the  owner’s battle with demons that run in the family.

The Indiana vs. Kentucky All-Star series continues tonight at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and while I love the tradition of the rivalry, the point where it generates mass interest has passed.  Indiana has won the last 12 contests, and Kentucky has been less than competitive for a long time.

Youth and high school talent in Indiana has exploded with great training and facilities, while Kentucky has remained a mediocre pasture for gifted players.  Is it time for the Hoosier State to choose a new quarry, and begin a more evenly matched series?  The barely more than 1,000 fans, or more importantly the thousands of empty seats, in Lexington for last night’s game say yes.

The NBA Finals continues with the San Antonio Spurs holding a 3-1 advantage over the two-time reigning champion Miami Heat.  The Spurs have beaten the Heat by executing near letter perfect team offense and defense.  Their attention to detail has proven again that talent isn’t everything in basketball, and that the best individuals can be beaten by the better team.

We’ll talk to both Bob and Rick about the team versus collection of stars concept.

While beginning a different path in a different building for a different company is very exciting, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to get rolling at CBS Sports 1430, I’ll be a little melancholy walking out of the Emmis Building for the last time today.  I was there when ground was broken, watched the building rise from the dreams of Jeff Smulyan, Norm Gurwitz, and others, and stood in the showcase studio when the switch was thrown to put WIBC live from there as the 1998 WIBC Radiothon to Benefit The Salvation Army kicked off.

There is some symmetry in going to work immediately across the street from the old WIBC studios, and I look forward to working hard every day to put together the best show possible at 1430.  Still, saying goodbye to Emmis, Hagan, and producer David Deering will require some reflection.

It’s been a lot of fun.  And it will be a lot of fun starting June 23.

One thought on “Final “Ahead of the Curve” with Hagan & Sterling to air today at 10a on 1070 the Fan

  1. David Spellman

    LOVE Bob and Rick…the best possible guests for the send-off.
    I will miss Ahead of the Curve, but 15 hours streaming vs 2 hours streaming is a no-brainer for a fan.


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