Ohio State’s Cardale Jones makes the right decision because it was his decision

by Kent Sterling

Cardale Jones is coming back to Ohio State. As long as he follows his dreams, who are we to judge?

Cardale Jones is coming back to Ohio State. As long as he follows his dreams, who are we to judge?

Who are we to judge?

What do we know of the desires and needs of Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones?  Two months ago, 99.44% of sports fans in America had no inkling who this third-string quarterback was.

After three games leading his Ohio State Buckeyes to the Big Ten Championship, a Sugar Bowl win, and finally a National Championship, everyone knows who he is, and the majority felt he would use yesterday afternoon’s press conference to announce his decision to enter the NFL Draft.

Jones defied those know-it-alls when he said he wasn’t ready for the NFL, and will return to Ohio State.

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Is he right to value earning a degree, continuing to hone his craft as a quarterback, and refusing the wealth that would likely come his way through entering professional football?  I don’t know, and you don’t know.  Cardale Jones knows.

Here is one thing a lot of people with money know, money isn’t everything.  Another thing, being a college student doesn’t exactly suck.

It may be true that Jones’ value to pro football teams might never be higher than it is right now.  After all, how many guys emerge from total obscurity to win three more important starts, and look damn impressive in doing it?

The guy we listened to yesterday say, “After three games, [the NFL] was out of the question.  A first-round draft pick means nothing to me without my education,” sounds like he is very well aware of how to best attack each day that he is blessed to enjoy.

There are many who question this young man’s sanity, but few of us know his character or situation as well as we do his ability to play quarterback.

Money isn’t always a good thing for people, and it rarely provides contentment or happiness.  Among the wants people have, cash is among the more ridiculous.

Judging a man based upon his ability to accumulate wealth reveals shallowness.  Wealth is generally valued most by those who have it.  Jones’ decision revealed wisdom, or at least an ability to see the forest for the trees – as in if you harvest too many trees too soon, you have no forest.

Some of the happiest, wisest, and most challenged people I know have very little monetary wealth.

And when wealth comes prior to wisdom, the money seems likely to vanish as quickly as it came.

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Evaluating Jones and his decision through our own individual prisms and filters is understandable, but criticizing his rationale for returning to school might reveal more flaws in us than exist in Jones’ logic.

Each of us decides what is important – what goals, achievements, and attainments are meaningful, and we make our decisions accordingly.  Jones did that yesterday, and the ultimate judge as to whether he is right or wrong to return to Ohio State is the guy Jones looks at in the mirror every morning.

For those who covet cash, Jones was foolish yesterday.  For those who understand that a life well lived doesn’t necessitate great wealth, Jones appeared grounded and wise.

One thought on “Ohio State’s Cardale Jones makes the right decision because it was his decision

  1. Jeff Gregory

    My how times have changed. I remember when people would raise their eye brows when college athletes would jump ship early. Now people criticize kids for staying in school. People are too willing to trade values that money can’t buy for . . . well, money. We certainly do worship Mammon in this country, don’t we?


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