MSU trustee Joel Ferguson’s comments about Nassar show him to be an indifferent imbecile

Larry Nassar will spend the rest of his life in jail, and Joel Ferguson will very soon leave his position as a trustee at MSU.

Joel Ferguson is an imbecile.

The vice chairman of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees said this on the radio in Detroit yesterday:

“The meeting we had the other day was five hours. And talking Lou Anna (the president of Michigan State University) was 10 minutes,..We unanimously decided in that meeting right away … we were going to support her staying as president.

“There’s so many more things going on at the university than just this Nassar thing.”

“I mean, when you go to the basketball game, you walk into the new Breslin, and the person who hustled and got all those major donors to give money was Lou Anna Simon,” Ferguson said. “There’s just so many things that make up being president at a university that keeps everything moving and everything right with the deans, everything at a school where we have a waiting list of students who want to come.”

“Just this Nassar thing” is horrific.  Thinking with that indifference while victims continue to tearfully recall the sexual assaults each were subjected to by a Michigan State employee, but it’s a whole different level of stupid to be a person in a position of importance at the university to say these it in the media.

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While we correctly decry this buffoon’s existence and position on the board, we should thank him for peeling back the curtain on the stupidity that allowed Larry Nassar to remain employed by Michigan State for 12 years after he was first investigated by the university for sexual assaulting athletes.

Nassar is the criminal in this fiasco that robbed hundreds of girls of their innocence and joy, but the system that allowed him to continue in his role with access to those young women is also deserving of scorn and correction.

Chief among those who failed those girls are goons like Ferguson for whom buildings better represent a university than students. and the wants of the many always outweigh the needs of the few.

Ferguson also answered the question of whether the NCAA would intercede to apply a painful consequence, “This is not Penn State.  They were dealing with their football program. … They’re smart enough to know they’re not competent to walk in here on this.”

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So the rape of boys by a football coach at a university facility is somehow more important and worse than the sexual molestation of women by a physician at a university facility?

This oaf’s idiocy is as boundless as his hubris.

At the very least, Ferguson pointed a finger at himself yesterday as a great place to start correcting the deeply rooted ends justify the means theory of leadership at Michigan State that perpetuated Nassar’s reign of terror and abuse.

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2 thoughts on “MSU trustee Joel Ferguson’s comments about Nassar show him to be an indifferent imbecile

  1. TJ

    Ferguson is completely out of touch ! Needs to go as well as the President . They all knew what was going on and chose to ignore it !

  2. David Lowe

    I hold a professional graduate degree from MSU. Both Simon and Ferguson need to get out of the way immediately.


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