Tim Brando was wrong, Indiana had a great reason to hang its head yesterday

Isaac Haas was not defendable yesterday, but losing to Purdue still needs to hurt.

“Nothing to hang their heads about,” said Fox broadcaster Tim Brando about Indiana losing to Purdue yesterday.

Brando is not affiliated with the Hoosiers or he would know that is not true.

When Indiana’s basketball program sinks to a depth that allows the Hoosiers to indulge in feeling good about themselves after losing to Purdue at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, all will be lost.

Not only did Purdue beat Indiana 74-67 in Bloomington yesterday, they allowed the Boilermakers to set an all-time program record for consecutive victories.  That can never sit well for Hoosiers – ever.

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No matter how good Purdue is, losing to them is repellent – just as it would be for Purdue to lose to Indiana.

We don’t excuse losing at Indiana, regardless of the stage of the rebuild coach Archie Miller was tasked with executing.

Brando doesn’t get that because – well, he’s a broadcaster from Louisiana who hasn’t been to Bloomington since Bob Knight was coach, and he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

Sure, IU had no physical chance to stop 7’3″ aircraft carrier Isaac Haas, and Purdue starts four seniors who have played a lot of very good basketball for Matt Painter, but pride demands dismay in the wake of a loss to the neighbors.

The game was more competitive than many guessed it might be, but that means the pain should be more acute – not less.  Indiana and Purdue were tied with less than five minutes left, and then Purdue did what they had done the previous 16 games – found a way to press the gas pedal a little bit harder and execute with a little more precision.


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This game was a nice gauge of where Indiana is compared to the rest of the Big 10, but in no way should a seven-point loss to Purdue – regardless of its rank – be a source of solace for Indiana.

Losing to Purdue sucks, and nobody was smiling in the locker room afterward.

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2 thoughts on “Tim Brando was wrong, Indiana had a great reason to hang its head yesterday

  1. Joel

    You are partly right about him. Brando was/is seeing that as an objective viewer ,which is nice. Just giving his honest opinion like anyone would outside the borders of Indiana and not a homer Hoosier. Beyond popular belief in Gods country, and I know its hard to hear, but IU is not that relevant outside of this state. So you are going to get an honest opinion like it or not. Truth stinks sometimes and its very hard for the Hoosier faithful to swallow. Accept this program for what it is. It s starting over with a new coach , system and etc, some patience is needed. They actually played better than I would have guessed. I thought they gave an inspired performance due to the situation(in state rival, Purdue being ranked, playing it at home).It seemed to give them some motivation. I wish they would be playing them again at Purdue for many reasons. Actually IU is not Nebraska , the Huskers have a better record I believe.

    It goes both ways. Losing to IU sucks and is just as bad and just as repellent.
    Purdue were the victors yesterday, believe it or not. I know its hard.

    Oh,I would like to thank Carsen Edwards for his steal ,thunderous dunk and one in the hallowed Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. Nothing like sticking it up the rear of the Hoosier fans on they’re home court.
    Make em hurt.

    1. David A Mason

      I’m a Hoosier Homer. Yeah losing to those sheep herders in Laughalot hurts. By the way Purdue, well played!

      And not having read or heard all of what Brando said, I’m taking it out of context…but “…nothing to hang their heads about…” is true and correct from a couple of perspectives.

      As one grows older and matures (well some of us might) one realizes that the world doesn’t stop spinning when a rivalry game goes the wrong way. And no matter who wins the games Purdue will always envy Indiana.

      Losing to Purdue is wrong. But, it doesn’t equate to hanging one’s head…relatively speaking.

      Hanging our heads happened when Indiana hired a cheater and then didn’t provide quality control checks like they should have. Shaking our fists and heads and some hanging of heads happened when letting RMK get passes for being an ogre and not representing the values of Indiana University and the rest of Indiana. (Fantastic coach and teams he had are greatly appreciated but doesn’t give the coach and the administration a pass to shirk being trustees of the public funds and representing higher education. ) It doesn’t suck as bad as Tom Crean’s total disregard of defense which is clearly 1/2 of basketball on the floor and his dismal misunderstanding of recruiting to needs and his under par knowledge of X’s and O’s.

      Players weren’t celebrating in the Indiana lockerroom after the game. But they had left it all out on the floor. Hurts, yes. Hang their heads…no.


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