Of the two coordinators from the Super Bowl runner-up Patriots, it seems the Colts got the right one

Will early headaches for Josh lead to Super Bowl joy? We’ll find out.

All that stopped the Patriots in the second half were a strip sack of Tom Brady and the clock.  Other than that, the Patriots delivered touchdowns.

The Pats offense punted zero times in Super Bowl LII!  How the hell does a team that never punts lose a football game?

It happened because the Patriots defense was every bit as inept as the offense was proficient.  The Eagles, with a backup quarterback, scored on eight of its 10 possessions.

Matt Patricia was the defensive coordinator for the Pats, and Josh McDaniels ran the offense.  Granted, Patricia does not have the benefit of a Brady-esque performer on his side of the ball, but being outgunned by Nick Foles is not a positive no matter who lines up defensively.

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Sometime this week, Patricia will be named the head coach of the Detroit Lions, while McDaniels assumes the same position with the Colts.

Fans in Detroit who allow the Patriots’ Super Bowl performance to drive their enthusiasm for Patricia will be less than thrilled, while Colts fans see McDaniels as an offensive mastermind because the Pats performance will foresee bright days ahead if quarterback Andrew Luck is healthy.

Colts fans might be smart enough to keep their expectations in check because of the way McDaniels has operated out from under the Belichick umbrella (disasters in both Denver as the head coach and in St. Louis as the offensive coordinator).  But yesterday was a special offensive performance both in scheme and execution.

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What happened yesterday is unlikely any kind of bellwether as to the success or failure of either Patricia or McDaniels.  Neither will be hired because of yesterday’s great game, and that’s a good thing because based upon results, the Eagles win would send their OC and DC (Frank Reich and Jim Schwartz) to Detroit and Indy.

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