Louisville fans need to wise up about the NCAA, and just who erased its history

This is W. Anthony Jenkins, an attorney from Detroit. He was on the committee that denied Louisville’s appeal. NCAA president Mark Emmert and the rest of the NCAA’s employees were not.

The NCAA is not some patriarchal and autonomous authority figure that governs college athletics.  It’s a member organization that self-polices.

So if you are a Louisville fan upset by the NCAA Committee on Infractions rejection of the appeal of findings that employee(s) of your University provided inexpensive prostitutes for players, recruits, and family members, get mad at the following people:

Jack Friedenthal, professor emeritus at George Washington

W. Anthony Jenkins, attorney in private practice in Detroit

Patti Ohlendorf, vice president for legal affairs at Texas

David Williams, committee chair and vice chancellor for athletics and university affairs and athletics director at Vanderbilt

Those are the members of the Infractions Appeals Committee who heard the case.  None is an employee of the NCAA.

If you want to get pissed, direct your venom at the arrogant mopes who caused this calamity through their unique combination of stupidity and hubris.  First in line of course is former coach Rick Pitino, second is the ridiculous and silent Andre McGee.  If you have time, throw some shade to former AD Tom Jurich, whose pragmatism set dominos of deceit falling toward this end.

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Equivalencies to the North Carolina academic fraud charges are spurious because whores were not provided to the Tar Heels’ general student population – as was the case with enrollment in the sham classes.

There is also the issue of cheating going on at a fairly significant number of universities, while prostitution is not necessary to entice recruits or entertain current players anywhere but Louisville – evidently.

At some point, a self-respecting university and its fans should hold a rogue program like Louisville accountable for its behavior, rather than carp and moan about fairness.  Whores and coach authorized payments to recruits should have stirred whatever puny residue of self-respect and decency that remain on and around Louisville’s Belknap Campus.

Instead, interim university president Greg Postel said today, “We believe the NCAA is simply wrong to have made this decision.  We felt that the young men who achieved these victories and the thousands of fans who supported them deserved our best effort.”

Had a real “best effort” been made seven years ago, a university employee would have been certain that the practice of providing prostitutes for parties in the basketball dorm was frowned upon.

The best effort in appealing a ruling that is best described as generous shows an utter lack of understanding as to the very core purpose of a university – to educate young people.

It bears mention Postel also correctly described the facts of the case as “simply terrible,” so he’s got that going for him.

Louisville will lose 138 victories, an NCAA Championship, a Final Four appearance, and some loose change (if the $600K figure is accurate).  That’s the cost of greed when employed by ravenous morons.

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The true cost of this scandal is the reputation of a university that has much more going for it than the spotlight provided by the pimps, racketeers, and amoral doofuses that staffed its basketball program.

Sadly, there will be another run of NCAA driven penalties for The ‘Ville when Pitino’s involvement in directing shoe money to recruits is adjudicated by another NCAA committee on infractions comprised of university presidents, athletic directors, coaches, and others who care about what’s left of the sanctity of college sports.

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