If you don’t like Colin Kaepernick – donate your Nike shoes to Samaritan’s Feet

If this image pisses you off to the point you can’t wear your Nikes – don’t burn them, donate them.

So you’re really upset than Nike has aligned with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaeperniick for a new “Just Do It” campaign.

You feel Kaepernick and others who have taken a knee during the National Anthem prior to NFL games are showing disrespect to veterans who have sacrificed for America, and those Nikes in your closet just have to go.

Burning them on social media accomplishes two things – it throws more heat toward the Nike campaign, and destroys a pair of usable shoes.  Dumb and dumber.

Donate those gently used Nikes to an organization like Samaritan’s Feet, a group devoted to shoeing the shoeless around the world.  If you have enough shoes to burn some in the backyard, you are the envy of those without shoes at all.  People in places where people have no inkling of Kaepernick’s existence can finally wear shoes because you don’t want your’s.

That anger – for once – will have a positive outcome.

You won’t get 76,000 retweets and likes, but is that really the measuring stick you want to define your impact on the world?


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