Keion Brooks Dad tweets an update about his recruiting, and I couldn’t care less #iubb

Keion Brooks Dad tweeted this update about his recruitment yesterday:

And I don’t care.  He’s the 38th ranked player in the 2019 class, so he’s highly sought after, but it makes no difference to me whether he pledges Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina – and anyone else.

Nothing against the kid.  I don’t know him.  It’s not that I’m above caring about where a high school senior chooses to play basketball.  I drove to New Albany to see the Romeo Langford commitment, so I’m as susceptible to the recruiting drama as the next guy.  (It’s also important to note that I spent my high school years in New Albany, and spent a little time with Langford, so I have an affinity for the kid.)

But news about Brooks does nothing for me.

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Some of it is that I don’t like prep schools like La Lumiere strip-mining talented basketball players from their hometowns as a marketing ploy.  They prey on the inability of kids and their parents to deal with the adversity of high school basketball.

I think jumping to a prep school encourages a kid to take the path of least resistance, rather than learn to overcome temporary struggles.

A more significant reason for my ambivalence about Brooks is the state of Indiana University Basketball.  Until the current roster plays with purpose as a unit, I don’t much care who those players are.

Until a culture of toughness is instilled at IU, I’m afraid tough-minded recruits will opt to play among like-minded teammates.  That means IU will remain a mish-mash of players with a variety of agendas.

Maybe Brooks can be a transformational player who should be coveted by coaches and fans, but the transformation I need to see at Indiana is in a demand for behavioral change for the Hoosiers.

Until that happens, Brooks updates – and those like them – will escape my attention.

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