Lester Quinones wants you to know he’ll visit IU on April 24-26, and he wants you to turn him up

I don’t like hypists, and Lester Quinones appears to be a hypist.  The above tweet from Quinones represents a pre-college basketball player who’s quite fond of himself.

Services like 247 Sports and ESPN have Quinones ranked anywhere between 60th and 90th in the 2019 high school class.  He’s been offered by schools like Illinois, Xavier, Maryland, Memphis, and Ohio State.

Because of the graduations of Juwan Morgan and Evan Fitzner, the early NBA entry of Romeo Langford, and the transfers of Jake Forrester and Clifton Moore, Indiana has three scholarships to play with.

Quinones is supposed to be a very good shooter, and Indiana needs shooting.  He might fit exceptionally well.

I have a problem with self-important people trying to cash checks their talent has yet to demonstrate an ability to cover.  Doesn’t matter the business or age of the braggart.  Chest thumping bugs me, and Quinones seems a chest thumper.

Indiana hasn’t been consistently great for a quarter century, but it’s prouder than a program that needs a high school kid – no matter how good – to save it.

The image to the left is from his Twitter profile.  Two thoughts immediately come to mind.  I’m not sure Lester knows what “Effortles” might communicate, and the crown over his pic might be just a bit much.

I like confidence – quiet confidence.  The louder the confidence, the more likely it reps insecurity instead of true belief in one’s self.

I need to allow for the possibility that Quinones is a really good kid with a little idle time and a flair for driving traffic to his Twitter feed.  After all, here I am carping about a kid who projects as a good role player.  Maybe he’s just clever and mischievous, and I’m biting at the bait.

My advice to him would be to backpedal from he self-proclaimed status as a monster recruit.  Stay under the radar until your game is sharp enough to make it impossible.  Enjoy being a kid.  Don’t rush to fame because it can suck.

Knowing that IU fans will not hold a parade if you commit.  At Indiana, parades are for National Champions.  Just because 32 years have passed since the last one doesn’t mean Hoosiers have forgotten who they are.

Hang a banner, and then put a crown on top of the entire roster.

This is Indiana, you know.

8 thoughts on “Lester Quinones wants you to know he’ll visit IU on April 24-26, and he wants you to turn him up

  1. Lester Quinones

    What a great article sir, Appreciate you taking the time out to write such a POSITIVE article on a young athlete enjoying his recruiting process. And “effortles” is my brand that I’ve built myself from when I was young. Much love


    1. Da Chi Town Kid

      I admire how you handle yourself Les. Great poise, attitude, and respect with your reply. I’ll speak for the millions of Hoosier fans from coast to coast: We’d love to see you light it up at I.U. Your deep ball is sick with that release. Your ability to attack the rim is underrated…

  2. Jafo


    You state you don’t like “a hypist”. Have you looked in the mirror? For crying out loud, you blog is named after yourself! How many other sports commentators have their name, just their name, as their main communication vehicle?

    You are not only a “a hypist” but you’re a sh&$stirrer as well

    1. Kent Sterling Post author

      What the hell else should I name it – Coldplay? I write everything on the site – which covers many topics. The site is me, and I am the site. Kent Sterling it is!


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