Quick comparison between Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV

I made the switch from YouTube TV to Hulu Live yesterday, and here are some thoughts about differences between the two services:

Price – Hulu $54.95 vs. YouTube TV $64.95 – This is what caused me to switch.  YouTube TV is bumping its price by $15 next month to cover the cost of adding a CBS owned package of networks that include MTV, VH1, CMT, BET, and four others.  I have not watched any of them since the 1980s, so I’m not enthusiastic about paying the upcharge.

Picture – For some reason, Hulu is clear and bright on my TVs.  It’s not a deal-breaker to have a softer picture as my eyes adjust to whatever it is watching, but if Hulu allows me to get the best picture out of a TV I probably overpaid for, I won’t argue.

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Network selection – Hulu has Marquee featuring Cubs games and most of the sports networks I want.  YouTube has the sports I need, minus Marquee.  Otherwise, of the other networks I watched on YouTube, Hulu is lacking AMC and Sundance.  AMC is going to be a problem at some point because Better Call Saul is a great show I will not miss.  It’s not available a la carte, so that will become a problem to solve in several months.  Neither has the NFL Network, and I would love that, but both are equal there.  NBA TV is only available on YouTube which is a bit of a bother now that I’m a Hulu subscriber.

Guide/Interface – YouTube allows customers to manage their guide however he or she chooses – alphabetical, clustering by type (sports, news, locals, movies, etc…), by how often you watch, or any other way you like.  Hulu has a “My Channels” tab where favorites can be housed.  YouTube’s guide is easy to manage.  Hulu’s is not.  This difference kept me from switching a few months ago when my son recommended I pull the trigger.

Storage – YouTube allows unlimited storage, while Hulu provides only 50 hours.  This is an issue for some, but not for me.  I rarely record because I view recorded content as an appointment I must keep – something I HAVE to do instead of something I CHOOSE to do.

Fubo and Sling are other services I considered, but Fubo’s does not have ESPN Networks yet, nor Marquee.  The pricing is also complex.  Fubo has the NFL Network, but that is but a big enough plus to force me to reconsider.  Sling seems like the Kmart of TV apps in that if I subscribed I would have immediate buyers remorse, like everything I have ever purchased at Kmart.

None of the services are perfect, but I couldn’t just allow YouTube TV bump its price for content I will never consume without consequence.  Hulu was the best of the bunch for me right now, but I have heard that CBS will try to force Hulu to add the same networks it has compelled YouTube to carry, which will result in a similar bump in monthly cost.

At that point, I may decide to shop at Kmart as I will not pay $15/month for content I will not use.

3 thoughts on “Quick comparison between Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV

  1. Steve

    I’ve been a cord cutter for over 2 years now. Currently I use YouTube TV. I am also a Cubs fan, but I just use the MLB.TV package as I live out of market.

    I’ve found it funny how many people seem to think that a particular streaming solution is the best. As you see, you need to choose a solution that works best for you and how you watch TV. For example, even though I live in a metropolitan area, I get poor over the air reception for local television due to topography. I live in a townhouse condo complex so we can’t put antennas on our roof.

    We record a lot so the Hulu limit could be a problem for us. I’m glad you’ve found a solution that works for you for now.

  2. Assie

    I had your same opinion on recording before I switched to YouTube TV, but it unconsciously changed. When you have completely unlimited storage space, you end up just recording everything and worrying about whether you want to bother watching it later, it is no longer an unwritten contract between you and your limited recording space. I even record the News, just so that I can watch it even 15 minutes behind live and skip all the ads.

    I have been using DVRs since the inception of the hard-drive recording boxes, and I can’t live without it now for 2 reasons:

    1) I absolutely hate wasting my valuable viewing time watching ads.
    2) I have no idea when most shows I watch are actually broadcast; I depend on the DVR to work that out, and then I’ll watch them when I want to watch them.

    For these reasons, I have already drunk to cool-aid, and I can never switch back. Hulu doesn’t give my family of 4 enough recording space to do what we want, even if I do pay for the extra DVR space (which makes it the same price as YouTube TV anyway).

    I don’t like paying that much money for cable channels, but there is not much choice.

  3. Steven Jones

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