Colts receiver Michael Pittman out after surgery for Compartment Syndrome

Pittman has been good for the Colts so far this season, but not irreplaceable – which is good because he will need to be replaced four at least four-to-six weeks.


Colts coach Frank Reich told the media a few moments ago that previous reports of a healthy roster exiting Lucas Oil Stadium following their 36-7 decimation of the New York Jets were premature.  Michael Pittman, Jr, is going to be out for awhile following surgery for Compartment Syndrome in his lower leg.

If you are like me, you are wondering just what Compartment Syndrome is.  Well, I looked it up and found out.  It’s marked by pressure – usually due to injury-related swelling – that causes a restriction of blood flow to areas at and beneath the injury.

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It sounds pretty innocuous, but after-effects can include necrosis, amputation, renal failure, and death.  Corrective surgery allows blood flow to resume and the tissue to heal.

The positive news for Pittman and fans is that this is not a ligament injury.  As long as the surgery came quickly and there is no permanent damage to muscle or nerves, Pittman should be able to get back on the field as soon as the incision sites heal.  Typical recovery for performance takes four-to-six weeks.

Three games into his career, Pittman has nine catches for 73 yards.  He’s not emerged as a key contributor yet, but given the previous week’s injury to Parris Campbell, the receiver position is getting a little thin.  Let’s hope Zach Pascal, Maurice Fountain, Dezmon Patmon, and Ashton Dulin are ready for some bonus activity.

The Bears will be waiting for the Colts – regardless of which Colts are healthy.

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