Love affair interrupted – Chad Kelly released from the practice squad; dream ends for Colts fans

So long to Chad Kelly, the latest third stringer to become a fan darling.

Football fans love them some third string quarterbacks, so it was inevitable Colts fans would embrace 2019 preseason hero Chad Kelly as their underdog de jour.

Love for Kelly blossomed last preseason because he was more decisive and productive that either starter Jacoby Brissett or backup Brian Hoyer, who did set the bar nice and low in those two categories.

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Today, fans were jilted by Colts management’s decision to replace Kelly on the practice squad with Indianapolis native wide receiver Krishawn Hogan.  Kelly has arm talent, speed, and a knack for moving the ball, but he cannot be trusted at the level of Philip Rivers or Brissett – and doesn’t have the future or natural ability of Jacob Eason.  Hogan plays a position of need because of injury, so he’s more valuable than a QB fourth on the depth chart.

The plucky athletic kid who dazzled during a magical season at Ole Miss and a brief set of preseason appearances with the Colts is now unemployed, but probably not for long.  He’s done a good job of rehabbing his image in the NFL after getting himself arrested in Denver following a team party for wandering hammered into the home of strangers, copping a squat on the couch, and watching some TV with the frightened and bewildered couple.

Once the Colts drafted Eason, there was no doubt this day would come for Kelly and his fans.  General manager Chris Ballard is not in the habit of blowing a fourth round pick.  Eason has the talent to start in the NFL.  Kelly has talent, but is not in Eason’s league – literally.

So the unrequited and undeserved love from fans toward Kelly will be directed elsewhere, probably to Eason.  Once he gets preseason reps, they will be clamoring for the kid to get a chance.

This time, they may get their wish.



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