I’m weak, please help me! Trey Kaufman’s choice is somehow important to me!

Trey Kaufman will make his college decision known in 10 days. I shouldn’t care whether he goes to IU or Purdue, but God help me, I do.

On October 30, Trey Kaufman will announce his decision to attend and play basketball at either Indiana, Purdue, North Carolina, Virginia, or Indiana State.

That I know his choices and timeline creeps me out just a little.  This is a high school senior from Sellersburg, Indiana, and I shouldn’t give a damn which of those schools he will pick.  There are kids in my neighborhood whose college choice is more interesting to me.  I’m a family friend, for God’s sake, but I couldn’t tell you where they are going or when they might decide.  To be honest, I’m not even sure what year of high school they are in!

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But for a kid who is the #41 basketball player in the class of 2021, I know just about everything. The kid down the street runs cross country, I think, and appears to be roughly 5’10”.  Kaufman is 6’8″, weighs 210 lbs., can handle, is a solid shooter, a 4.0 student, and solid citizen who enjoys going to birthday parties of children in his hometown.

To my credit – barely – I’m not invested in where Kaufman plays, studies, and calls home.  If he goes to Indiana or Purdue, I will watch him with interest because this is Indiana.  If he doesn’t, I’ll watch those who do choose to play here.  I’ll keep my eye on Kaufman, much like we did when Kyle Guy went to Virginia, but not with the same zeal as is reserved for Hoosiers, Boilers, and the Butler Bulldogs (not involved in Kaufman’s recruiting).

Unfortunately, I will figure out a way to watch Kaufman make his call – not because it’s my job, but because I am curious.  I doubt I drive to Sellersburg, but who knows?  I made the drive to New Albany for Romeo Langford’s announcement, which I think is finally going to end a little later today.

My hope is that I will eventually grow bored with this kind of silly obsession about where high school children will go to college.  I cared about my son, nephews, and children of close friends.  My interest in college choices should end there.

How you choose to spend your free time is up to you, but like always, I will spend the next 10 days nosing around so I know where Kaufman is going before he announces, which might be the most pathetic thing of all.

My only saving grace is that I refuse to give up the info because I don’t want to wreck a moment the teen’s family has looked forward to for years.  The dog and pony show is absurd, but I kind of get the need to bring together family and friends, put hats on a table, and then after endless testimonials put one on his head to signal his choice.

Whatever happens, I hope Kaufman and his family enjoy the ride that is about to start in earnest.

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