Indiana Basketball Keion Brooks rumor; Colts Draft – stay at #21? If not, who can they trade with?

2 thoughts on “Indiana Basketball Keion Brooks rumor; Colts Draft – stay at #21? If not, who can they trade with?

  1. Chad Wilson

    Technically Keion Brookes could potentially still wind up being on the team regardless if anyone transfers or not. He could be guaranteed a spot as a preferred walk on and it would not count against the 13 scholarship players. However it is possible someone could be Redshirted this upcoming season and that would allow the team to add another scholarship player in his place because it would not count against the team until the following season. That is I f I understand the rules correctly? I believe it would allow for one more scholarship player on the current roster for the upcoming season. It is possible a player could get redshirted regardless. There is a chance someone on the current roster may hit the portal still this season after the additions we have made. With that being said, what is the rule on that? I know a player can transfer one time and have immediate eligibility, but what about the players that already had their name in the portal before the additions of the new guys, some players may think that they will not get as much PT as they previously thought. Once a player enters the portal and either goes to another school or makes the decision to stay, does that count as their one time transferring or not? I hope all the guys on the current roster stay. There is a chance some guys minutes may be reduced, but at the same time they could EARN minutes by working their butts off in the gym and getting better. I am a firm believer in competing with or against your own teammates. Competing with one another in practice will do nothing but make the team and the individuals better. The coaches will find out very quickly who is all in and who is not. Its been a long time since the Hoosiers have had this many talented guys on the same team and will quality competition at each position.. I feel like in years past the players became complacent because they did not have to compete to stay on the floor.
    Lastly, I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with Scott Dolsen, this guy gets Indiana basketball. Once he made the decision to move on from Archie and they needed to in my opinion because the University could not afford to take a chance of Archie getting ran out of Assembly Hall next year, while booing him off the court ,however I think Archie is a descent coach, but he was not built to lead a program of this magnitude, honestly most aren’t . With the addition of the rest of the staff weather retained or added I believe it’s one of the best staffs in country. You can feel the buzz in Indiana right now and I can’t imagine what the excitement will be like in Hoosier Nation once the season begins. Something special is brewing in B-Town and can’t wait until the season.

    Go Hoosiers!!!!!

  2. Лариса

    Is Keion Brooks leaving Kentucky, and could he end up at IU? Colts own the t pick – is it more valuable as a trade piece than the person they might take? Purdue adds Carmel s Waddell and former Butler assistant Terry Johnson.  Former UK guard Terrence Clarke dies.


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