No one but Urban Meyer’s wife deserves an apology for his foolish adolescent behavior

Urban Meyer is a football coach and husband, but he is not our husband. He doesn’t owe me an apology.

So Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer allowed a woman in his Columbus, Ohio, bar dance very, very near him.  We know this because someone videotaped the idiocy with a smart phone and posted it on social media.

Of course they did.

Is this really how we want to use a piece of awesome technology?  I’m no champion of married men exhibiting this level of public indiscretion, but is it really any of our business how a football coach conducts his personal business?

The answer is no – it is not my business, nor yours – unless your name is Shelley Meyer or you are the husband of the injudicious blond.

But we are no longer allowed to simply shake our heads in disdain as we walk past seriously post-pubescent music enthusiasts.  No, we need to turn Urban’s recklessness into public scorn because, hey, that’s a ton of clicks, and that’s how our society has evolved over the last 15 years.

Meyer experienced the wrath of Khan upon his return to Jacksonville (Jags owner is Shad Khan), and then apologized to his team and staff.  Why he owed them an apology, I’m not sure.  He didn’t violate vows made with any of them.  I’ve never seen a coach and player stand before God and promise to forego all others.

In Goodfellas, Robert DeNiro’s character tells Ray Liotta, “Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”  Those were quaint times.  Now it’s “Keep your smart phone in your pants and let a dorky coach screw up without anti-social media ruining his life.”

Meyer erred in a very substantial way.  He acted like a pampered fool in a very public place – like an adolescent 57 year old without responsibilities to his family.  His wife may never forgive and trust him again.  That’s between them.

Urban’s remorse and pledge to reform is owed his wife.  Not us.


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