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Tom Crean showed multiple weaknesses by failing to show for his own firing

Tom Crean didn’t show for his own firing as basketball coach at Indiana University.

Tom Crean could have won his last game as basketball coach at Indiana University.

He chose to not play.

In the most interesting and revealing paragraph in Pete Thamel’s post on featuring the first comments from Tom Cream about his firing as basketball coach at Indiana University, Thamel reported what he was told by Crean,

The next morning, Crean got a text message from athletic director Fred Glass to meet with him, which Crean inferred was to receive news of his dismissal. He declined. “At this point, I knew what was coming,” he said, “and wasn’t going to do that.”

Being fired sucks, but it’s part of life – especially in coaching.  Coaches can do a superb job and still get gassed if the results don’t reflect the level of work.  If fans aren’t engaged by the product, great coaching can be irrationally blamed.  That’s not what happened at Indiana, but Crean certainly could choose to look at his tenure as coach as a success while still acknowledging his time at IU needed to end. Continue reading

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IU Basketball – Al Durham & Clifton Moore ask for release as search for coach continues

Former Indiana signee Clifton Moore has decided to pursue other programs, and that isn’t all bad for IU.

A three-player recruiting class so uninspired it syphoned hope from a fanbase already running on empty lost two of its members yesterday.

Clifton Moore is ranked the 143rd best player in the class of 2017 and Al DSurham #239.  Both asked for their release yesterday because the guy who recruited them to Indiana has been fired.  Ironically, Tom Crean was fired at least in part because they were the best he could get.

Nothing against Moore, who is from Pennsylvania, and Durham, from Georgia, but the value of their scholarships might be greater than their value as basketball players.

Depending upon who the new coach of the Hoosiers will be, there is a very good chance that those two scholarships will be better invested in two players better able to provide immediate help for a program in dire need. Continue reading

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