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Why the hell was Will Wade reinstated by LSU; What’s a guy have to do to get fired?
April 15, 2019

It’s impossible for a reasonable person to read the transcript of a phone call recorded by federal wiretap between LSU head basketball coach Will Wade and shoe company pimp Christian Dawkins and not conclude Wade was at least aware one recruit was being paid to commit to the Tigers. Here’s the most damning part of […]

Lester Quinones wants you to know he’ll visit IU on April 24-26, and he wants you to turn him up
April 12, 2019

Turn me up Indy!!🕺🏽 Where my Hoosier fans at?🔴⚪️ #hoosierpride — Lester Quinones (@Effort_les) April 11, 2019 I don’t like hypists, and Lester Quinones appears to be a hypist.  The above tweet from Quinones represents a pre-college basketball player who’s quite fond of himself. Services like 247 Sports and ESPN have Quinones ranked anywhere between […]

Problem with Romeo Langford’s legacy at Indiana is we don’t know him – at all
April 10, 2019

Romeo Langford is an enigma.  He’s inscrutable.  Mysterious. On the basketball court, he has very clever hands around the basket, silky smooth movement, and he’s become an improved defender.  His shooting lacks consistency, but averaged 16 points per game.  We saw all of what Romeo with our own eyes. What we never saw or heard was the […]

Indomitable and smiling – Indy’s Kyle Guy is a college basketball champion
April 9, 2019

Virginia won the National Championship last night, and so Kyle Guy is a champion. Guy is a graduate of Lawrence Central in Indianapolis and alum of the Indiana Elite summer basketball program, so basketball fans in central Indiana have seen a lot of Guy over the years. He’s the same kid as a junior, and […]

Caring around college basketball’s greed and corruption is a fool’s errand – just watch and enjoy!
April 8, 2019

College basketball is being tested by greed. The NCAA is greedy. Coaches are greedy.  Players are greedy.  Everyone wants more. Media money has flooded college basketball’s ecosystem, and what was once a quaint extracurricular activity among college students has exploded into a multi-billion dollar showcase of competition for coaches covetous of millions available for teaching […]

Of course, Romeo Langford declares for the NBA Draft – you would too #iubb
April 4, 2019

Romeo Langford is opting to leave Indiana University, like all college students will at some point. Some leave with degrees, some with masters and doctorates, others without degrees at all, but every student will leave eventually. For Langford, that time is now because millions of dollars await him as a first round pick in the upcoming […]

Indiana Basketball – Nothing against Jake Forrester and Clifton Moore, Hoosiers will be fine
April 4, 2019

Jake Forrester has entered the transfer portal, and IU Basketball fans are worried. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about Indiana, but Forrester’s potential defection should not be among them.  This is equally true for Clifton Moore, a sophomore who is definitely transferring. Nothing against Forrester or Moore, but players transfer – especially players who spent a […]

Big day at Butler and Purdue as great leadership from Collier and Painter is rewarded
April 3, 2019

Media guys spend a lot of time ripping teams, programs, coaches, and players.  We love to laugh at failure.  It makes us feel smarter. Not today.  Today we congratulate a couple of guys who do it right, and are being rewarded for it. Butler AD Barry Collier has earned a five-year extension, and Purdue’s Matt […]

John Calipari’s lifetime deal means Kentucky will be fun to hate for a long time
April 2, 2019

John Calipari secured a lifetime contract to coach basketball at Kentucky not long after UCLA offered him a pay cut to jump to the Bruins. Already making $9.2 million per year to teach college students the game of basketball, Calipari will remain with the school for the rest of his career if both sides live […]