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NCAA needs to get out of its own way and approve immediate eligibility for transfers!
February 18, 2020

When a company hosts a brain storm, most ideas are dismissed immediately, a few are earmarked for further discussion, and some are approved as “just do.”  The NCAA needs approve immediate eligibility for first-time transfers as a “just-do.” Instead, this change in legislation will continue down the path of entrenched bureaucracy the NCAA has created to slow […]

Archie Miller needs to bring the gift of pain to the Hoosiers, or change will never come
February 17, 2020

“What’s the worst that can happen?” is a question kids ask themselves all the time as they assess the risk and reward scenarios for behavior. If I make everyone in class laugh, I might get a detention.  Is that worth it? Within the Indiana Basketball program, it appears the harshest discipline Archie Miller is willing to wield is […]

Indiana fans are nuts – and they are not going to change – so #iubb needs to
February 14, 2020

Indiana won last night.  In 49 other states, that would be enough.  But this is Indiana. Throughout last night’s 89-77 win against #19 Iowa, Indiana fans were thrilled or frustrated by each possession regardless of the score because that’s what we do.  For years we were taught that basketball is a possession by possession quest for […]

Indiana faces must-win tonight – does anyone have the fire to demand more of teammates?
February 13, 2020

Indiana Basketball needs a leader. Tonight, the Hoosiers will play for their NCAA Tournament dreams against Iowa.  With a win, they are still in the conversation.  A loss would drop IU into the nether regions of the Big 10 standings and likely land them outside the bubble for the fourth straight year. Someone on Indiana’s roster needs […]