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No injections or surgery, I believe Colts Andrew Luck about trip to The Netherlands
December 30, 2017

Colts QB Andrew Luck spoke to the media yesterday for the first time in a couple of months. He was raw, emotional, and melancholy as he described the psychological torment that caused him to hop on a plane for The Netherlands. This was not the smiling and occasionally playful Luck we have grown accustomed to […]

Save your tears as Colts coach Chuck Pagano likely is fired – good run & ton of cash
December 29, 2017

Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano will almost certainly be fired Monday.  That will be a bitter pill for Pagano to swallow. Being told to leave your employer’s place of business is never fun, and while Pagano will feel some emotional upheaval upon hearing the news – if he hasn’t already – he will leave Indianapolis […]