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Indiana should avoid portal players, and most players should avoid the portal! #iubb
March 29, 2022

The NCAA Transfer Portal for basketball players should be a remedy of last resort, but it has instead become a spring break destination more popular than South Padre Island. College is a great place for young adults to be introduced to manageable adversity, so that when real misfortune comes during adulthood they don’t wig out and […]

Colts GM Chris Ballard has three months to find a solution at quarterback
February 4, 2022

The Colts have a quarterback problem – again. It’s not that Carson Wentz sucks as a franchise QB.  He doesn’t.  Wentz is worse than terrible.  He is mediocre. There is nothing worse for an NFL franchise at quarterback than a guy who is capable of winning and losing in equal measure.  Wentz would be a […]

New Albany High School says goodbye this afternoon to WNAS mentor Lee Kelly
January 29, 2022

Lee Kelly taught radio at New Albany for a long time.  From him, radio students learned about the power of the medium and responsibility to themselves and each other. Radio was a magical class.  Lee believed the social nature of how radio connects with listeners required the class to be an interactive adventure.  Everyone I knew wanted to […]

Indiana Basketball just five days away – fans trusting to hope just one more time!
November 4, 2021

Only five days to Indiana Basketball’s first game of the season, and I’m getting nervous. Really nervous. The last seven months have been filled with hope and optimism that the Hoosiers will be better than under former coach Archie Miller – good enough the earn their first invitation to the NCAA Tournament since 2016. Miller getting […]

Fourteen borderline insulting questions about the 1-4 Indiana Pacers!
October 28, 2021

I want to care about the Indiana Pacers, but if the Pacers themselves play as though they don’t care about the Pacers, why should I bother? That was the thought that rang in my head like the bell in a church where it is always noon as I watched their pathetic lack of effort in Toronto last night.  Basketball […]