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IU Football – Kevin Wilson Position Breakdown – Running Backs
August 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling IU football coach Kevin Wilson is a plain speaking guy.  What he believes, he says.  It’s not flowery or poetic, but it’s informational. If he speaks this way to the media, I can only imagine the way he lays things out for players.  I’m guessing the feelings of the players are not […]

Indiana Basketball – Tom Crean Talks About Leadership and the NCAA
July 28, 2013

by Kent Sterling Indiana Basketball coach Tom Crean is an interesting guy.  Regardless of whether you like, love, or loathe him, he’s a lightning rod in Indiana sports who is impossible to ignore.  Heading into his sixth year, the challenges of being the head coach at IU will evolve toward a new level of pressure. […]

Indianapolis Colts – Fans Should Dial Back Expectations from 11-5
July 9, 2013

by Kent Sterling In the history of the NFL, only one team has one 11 or more games while being outscored by its opponents.  That was the 2012 Indianapolis Colts. There is an undeniable statistical likelihood that point differential determines success or failure, but because of the limited sample size represented by the 16-game season, […]

Wacky Brazilians Distract Viewers from Paying Attention to RTV6 Newscast
June 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling Depending upon you taste in newscasts, people leaping up and down with signs as they protest something or another can either be a nuisance of hilarious diversion. Tonight on RTV6 – yes, I watch a lot of RTV6 because it’s either good for the right reasons or great for the wrong ones. […]

Why Victor Oladipo Should Be the #1 Overall Pick
June 24, 2013

by Kent Sterling That’s a clear-headed kid. Former Indiana University shooting guard Victor Oladipo will be taken in the top five picks in Thursday night’s NBA draft, but every team that passes on him will regret it. That’s because Victor is a man of goals, vision, and sacrifice.  So many young men see draft night […]