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Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson Get Full-Court Pressed by Mario Andretti
May 20, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger Sunday  was one of those perfect sports days in Indianapolis. The city was front and center on ABC for the better part of six hours – first for Indy 500 qualifying and then the much anticipated Game 1 Eastern Conference Finals match-up between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. All the while, […]

Catching Up with the Mayor of Hinchtown: James Hinchcliffe
May 9, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger The Month of  May is off to unique start this year with the first weekend of activities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway being occupied by the inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis. But while the sight of Indy cars going around the road course instead of the oval is different for fans, the faces and personalities piloting the Verizon […]

Blackhawks – Blues Triple OT Thriller Highlights a Start to the Best Playoffs In Sports
April 18, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger The NHL Playoffs have started and there is nothing like it. The triple overtime Game 1 Thursday night between the defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues captured everything the NHL Playoffs is all about – excitement, suspense, skill, toughness, admiration, hate, sudden death, survival, you name it. For […]

Pacers-Heat for No. 1 Seed: The Chips Are On the Table
April 11, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger The NBA Playoffs don’t officially start tonight but don’t be fooled, the basketball schedule makers are bluffing. The outcome of tonight’s game between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat may have as much to do with which team wins the Eastern Conference as any game in the playoffs. When LeBron James says […]

Indiana and Florida: A Contrast in Basketball Program Status
March 27, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger This past week has churned up some contrasting thoughts on two college basketball programs I’ve followed closely for years, Florida and Indiana. Florida is playing tonight for a chance to make its fourth straight Elite Eight appearance (and sixth in nine years), and Gators coach Billy Donovan is attempting to coach in […]

Pacers Are a Mess After Another Humiliating Loss
March 8, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger After the Pacers’ latest humiliating performance Saturday in Houston, a 112-86 loss to the Rockets, I was left thinking this team is a mess right now. If that performance surprised you, you aren’t paying attention. I didn’t need to watch this game, though I tried to as hard as it was. I […]

Billy Donovan: The Most Underrated Coach in College Basketball.
February 8, 2014

By Bert Beiswanger That headline sounds kind of odd, doesn’t it? How can Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan be the most underrated coach in college basketball? How can Florida be the most underrated program (not just this year, but overall program) in college basketball? My son texted me a couple of weeks ago to let […]

Mixed Bag of Sports: Thawing Out From the Week
January 25, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger I’ve got various sports topics from this week in-hand. It’s time to address them before they melt in my clutch (a nod to the creative geniuses Rankin and Bass and their popular character, Heat Mizer -and a wish that warmer days were ahead). It’s Miller George Time! Yes, I somehow stayed up […]

January 16, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger This may be a little belated, so forgive me. But I’m going to address it anyway. I was at the Pacers game Tuesday night with a friend and we were following the Indiana-Wisconsin game on ESPN Gamecast. When it appeared IU was going to win, I said to my friend, “They better […]