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Top 10 reasons to be very optimistic about the Pacers in 2016-2017
July 11, 2016

The Indiana Pacers have enjoyed an offseason of under the radar activity that improved the team marginally with every stroke. Kevin Durant generated headlines by leaving Oklahoma City for Golden State, but the Pacers have built a team better suited to playing winning basketball compared to last year’s version.  In fact, they might emerge from […]

Top seven quick fixes for what is broken in the NBA
July 6, 2016

  I’m here to help.  That’s what I do. Solving problems requires two steps, identifying them and correcting those rules or systems that are their cause. The NBA is not broken.  Its robust revenue generation is causing the salary cap to explode over the next two seasons.  That success is so profound it is providing […]

Kevin Durant to Warriors is a strong move by a strong man despite Stephen A. Smith
July 4, 2016

Kevin Durant announced today on the Players Tribune that he is joining the Golden State Warriors to form what many will say is the greatest accumulation of talent in NBA history. That’s debatable. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter What is beyond argument is that Durant has made a decision that is best for […]

Top seven reasons to be appalled and baffled by day one of NBA free agency
July 1, 2016

It’s the silliest season ever for the NBA. Day one of free agency is normally filled with crazy deals struck during the initial feeding frenzy. Each year, we screech, “(Insert player’s name here) is worth (insert millions of dollars)?!  No chance!  Our society has gone haywire!” Today is a little different.  Haywire has a new […]

Top 10 reasons why you should feel very good about Andrew Luck getting historic cash
June 30, 2016

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck signed a contract yesterday that makes him the highest paid player in NFL history. The guaranteed money is an astounding $87 million over the next six years – $22 million more than the next biggest deal, the $65 million guaranteed to New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Luck has never won a Super […]

Top 10 Indiana (and Kentucky) basketball questions to be answered in the next year
June 29, 2016

What a year of hoops action Indiana basketball fans have to look forward to.  So much potential for thrills and heartbreak with every shot, pass, and recruiting visit. This is why we love basketball – virtually anything can happen, and it likely will over the next 10 months. Some of the biggest stories in Indiana that […]

Top 10 reasons Pat Summit is a true icon of leadership and American sports
June 28, 2016

Pat Summit was taken too soon at the age of 64, but her legacy will live forever as a leader of young people – not a female leader of females, but a leader of human beings. Her tenure as the head basketball coach at the University of Tennessee stretched from a time prior to women’s […]

Top 10 reasons why youth sports parents are crazy
June 27, 2016

After spending the weekend watching youth soccer at Grand Park in Westfield, I can report that youth sports parents are just as crazy, fun, inappropriate, and combative as ever. There is nothing parents care about more than their kids and there are few things they take pride in more than the achievements of those kids […]