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Top 10 ways for Pacers fans to view the George Hill for Jeff Teague trade
June 23, 2016

One hometown hero swapped for another. It’s easy to be conflicted about this deal.  We watched George Hill lift an otherwise mediocre Broad Ripple High School team to relevance a decade ago before doing the same thing with IUPUI and helping the Pacers to consecutive Eastern Conference Finals, but we also enjoyed Jeff Teague at […]

Top 10 dream Indiana sports stories that might come true in 2016-2017
June 21, 2016

June is the time for Indiana sports fans to dream, and today we dream big. The Colts were one win away from a Super Bowl just 17 months ago, Indiana has won the Big Ten twice in the last four years, and the Pacers are coming off a nice bounce back season where they played […]

Top seven reasons to be very happy for the city of Cleveland today
June 20, 2016

There is something magical about watching adults experience the level of extreme joy normally reserved for children. It usually happens only in sports, and usually after the end of a severe drought of success.  Few cities have ever experienced a lack of championships that stretched more than 50 years. Despite having franchises in three major […]

Top 10 reasons I find LeBron James to be so easy to dislike
June 13, 2016

LeBron James will either win the next three games against the Golden State Warriors, or he will fall to 2-5 in his seven NBA Finals. Regardless, there will be those who love what he represents, and others who do not.  Count me as one of those who doesn’t. There is no question LeBron is THE […]

Top 10 lessons Muhammad Ali taught us all
June 10, 2016

  Muhammad Ali is being laid to rest today, and everyone in the world is either privately or publicly eulogizing him. It’s impossible to get any remembrance of Ali exactly right because he was too grand a figure – both as an athlete and cultural leader to capture in mere words. My thoughts of Ali this […]

Seven greatest fights for Muhammad Ali
June 6, 2016

Muhammad Ali was released two days ago from the body and mind that were taken from him long ago by the ravages of Parkinson’s Disease. We remember and mourn him as a championship boxer and better human being whose beliefs drove his actions despite daunting repercussions that could have robbed him of more than the three […]