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High School Basketball vs. AAU – Both Great for Different Reasons
July 12, 2013

by Kent Sterling There is something wonderful about the pomp, circumstance, history, and pride of playing for a high school team.  There is also something magical about the bonds among teammates and thesheer volume of basketball played during the summer on a typical AAU schedule. [For those trying to figure out whether I write what […]

Youth Basketball Needs More Programs Like the Pacers George Hill’s G3
March 31, 2013

by Kent Sterling The Indianapolis Star’s Mike Wells posted a very nice piece today about the youth basketball program the Indiana Pacers guard and Indianapolis native George Hill funds and runs. According to Wells, Hill does it right.  The players have to make grades to play, and the fundamentals are stressed. The shame of the […]

Sports Parenting – Just Chill Out About the “Next Level”
March 12, 2013

by Kent Sterling Twitter is a wonderful tool for communication.  It’s immediate, capable of sending a tightly crafted message to millions, and can be as dangerous as it is helpful.  Tonight, I saw this – “Parents take control of the recruiting process as early as 5th grade. Visit a college campus on ur own, plant […]

Summer vs. High School Basketball – 10 Reasons Why Kids Like Summer More
May 23, 2011

by Kent Sterling Basketball purists hate summer basketball.  They say it erodes the specialness of the high school seasons, and features kids doing little more than what they used to do at playgrounds in previous generations. High school coaches hate it as it erodes the influence they have over a kid.  College coaches love it […]

Hamilton Southeastern’s Gary Harris Is the Real Deal
February 5, 2011

by Kent Sterling There is something challenging about a great basketball player.  People watch and they run through a mental checklist of skills and abilities.  The first time you see a kid who is highly touted, the feeling is “going ahead and prove something to me.”  Well, Gary Harris proved something tonight. In a gym […]

Center Grove “Kwiats” Washington’s Cody Zeller in Hall of Fame Classic
December 30, 2010

by Kent Sterling There is something so fundamentally right about watching high school basketball in the state of Indiana that regardless of the teams competing, it’s compelling.  Nothing over the holidays is more fun than making the trip to New Castle to watch the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Classic. I’ve never seen Washington or […]