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Cubs fans hopes reignited, but not without an emotional fight
October 7, 2015

by Kent Sterling Baseball fans backing the 29 teams that do not call Wrigley Field home loathe hearing about the 106-year championship drought, the unique level of suffering it causes, and the many ways Cubs fans are different from them. I was accosted by an Expos fan at Indiana University in 1984 while wearing a […]

Chicago Cubs sign Jon Lester, and suddenly relevance returns to Wrigley Field
December 10, 2014

by Kent Sterling The rebuild of the Chicago Cubs jumped into hyperdrive just before 2:00 a.m. today when postseason ace Jon Lester decided that six years (with a vesting option for a seventh year) and $155 million was enough to lead the starting rotation for a team expected to slowly mature and contend for a […]

Chicago Cubs trade great for the future; that’s when you should buy tickets
July 5, 2014

by Kent Sterling Year after year after year the Chicago Cubs build their farm system’s inventory of talented prospects by dealing players contributing today.  The Cubs also charge top dollar for the privilege of watching a reconfigured current roster lose 90+ games. And fans continue to play their part in this fleecing.  WalMart quality with […]