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Big 10 Will Expand to 20 eventually – Texas and Oklahoma Will Be Among Them
October 1, 2013

[Editor’s note – This was posted as a comment by someone identified as BIG20, and presents an interesting perspective on conference realignment.  What I like best is the writing style that is sort of like listening to a guy talk sports in a bar.  He argues with himself a bit, and although I don’t really […]

Texas to the Big Ten? Delany Offers Clues to Who’s Next for Big Ten Expansion
July 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling One thing about Jim Delany, he does not speak in code.  Information is offered, and through a Monday Sudoku series of simple deductions, the truth is revealed. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter In his statement yesterday, Delany identified Association of American Universities membership, contiguous state to existing members, population, and […]

Sports Media Revenue Bubble Is Going to Burst at Some Point
July 15, 2013

by Kent Sterling Our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and dainty ladies throughout America are paying an annual tab of $60.72 for ESPN which few ever watch, and it’s only a matter of time before they figure that out and pull the plug on Comcast, UVerse, DirecTV, Brighthouse, Insight, Dish, and other carriers. Click here to follow […]

Big Ten Expansion – Texas Will Eventually Move to the Big Ten
April 11, 2013

by Kent Sterling Physics is impossible to resist, and consistent gravity drawing the University of Texas to the Big Ten.  Commissioner Jim Delany will announce the expansion of the conference to 16 teams within the next three years, and Texas will be the 15th member. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter What will happen […]

Big Ten Adding Schools
May 11, 2010

by Kent Sterling There have been a multitude of recent reports, or really just one from a guy in Kansas City – a host from 810 WHB in Kansas City.  The reports are premature. There are nine schools being considered for invitation to the Big Ten Conference, according to a source close to the discussion. […]