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NCAA Tournament – Surprises Will Abound, But Where and When?
March 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling I love the beginning of NCAA tournaments because hope lies everywhere.  Each of the 64 teams that begin play tomorrow in the real first round of the Big Dance have hope that they will emerge from the rubble with a win to gain entry into the 32-team event that starts this weekend. […]

Indiana Basketball – While Watching Hoosiers, Bob Knight Still Casts Long Shadow
November 22, 2013

by Kent Sterling Bob Knight hasn’t been the head coach at Indiana in over 13 years.  That means it’s unlikely any kid currently in high school can recall a time when the big man in the red sweater prowled the sidelines for the Hoosiers. But that doesn’t mean Knight isn’t still a figure looming over […]

NBA Finals – Non-Timeout by Popovich with :50 Left Leads to Family Argument
June 21, 2013

by Kent Sterling There aren’t a lot of arguments in this house.  I was trained in arguing by some of the best at the art during holiday dinners when I was a child, and verbal duels takes me back to the darkness of the Nixon vs. Roosevelt donnybrooks between Dad and my Mom’s mom.  Those […]

Tom Crean Ejected from IU – Wisconsin Tilt
February 26, 2010

by Kent Sterling It had to happen eventually.  How long could IU fans expect the frenetic and constantly-hydrating Tom Crean to  take that kind of abuse?  It’s been a long time between W’s for Crean and the Hoosiers, and fan were beginning to question Crean emotional health with loss after loss greeted by incessant clapping […]