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Indiana Basketball – How does Tom Crean measure up in Big 10 & among past IU coaches?
February 28, 2017

Is Indiana’s mediocrity this season because of injuries or incompetence? Is it an inability to recruit Indiana high school stars or an inability of current players to invest in the process? Is it Tom Crean as a coach, Tom Crean as a recruiter, or a series of unpleasant and unlucky circumstances? All good questions that can be […]

Top 11 basketball coaches in Indiana hoops history
March 30, 2016

There may come a time when Frank Vogel, Mike Brey, Matt Painter, Chris Holtmann, and Tom Crean qualify to be listed among the all-time greats in a state that is well known for its love and mastery of basketball. But that day is not today. This list – like all lists – is imperfect.  Qualifying […]

Former Purdue basketball coach Gene Keady
February 4, 2016

Gene Keady joins the Kent Sterling Show to discuss his upcoming event with Purdue alumni, how coach Bob Knight is participating, whether he believes Knight should return to IU, and college basketball today… Tweet

Former Indiana Hoosier Todd Jadlow tells his story of addiction and recovery
December 22, 2015

Click here for more information on Todd Jadlow’s Give It Back Foundation. In a wide-ranging interview, Todd Jadlow talks about his career at IU, playing for coach Bob Knight, whether he would let his daughters play for him … and Todd shares his story about the problems and issues he faced after his playing days […]

Indy’s Morning Sports List – Top 9 things I would change about college basketball
December 1, 2015

College basketball is a great game.  The season is short so the results of every game are meaningful.  Players aren’t as adored and entitled (in most programs) as they are in pro sports.  Collaboration is rewarded.  The environments at arenas and gyms are electric.  What’s not to love? Well, there are plenty of changes I […]

Parents of college recruits and athletes need to continue to love and support their kids
May 27, 2015

by Kent Sterling College coaches are paid to win.  That’s where their priorities begin and end.  Just win, baby! Yes, coaches are also held accountable for metrics like graduation rates, NCAA compliance, and Academic Progress Rate, but the primary responsibility is to recruit, train, and motivate athletes to win.  Minus winning, jobs are lost, and […]