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When Fired By Media Company, There is Only One Response – Work!
November 13, 2013

by Kent Sterling Adversity is a wonderful thing.  It allows us to examine, plot, and re-invent.  Many of us are too fearful to cause ourselves adversity, so when it is delivered to us on a silver platter, it should be embraced. Some friends of mine were fired last week in St. Louis.  It happens.  A […]

Answers to Questions About Gunner Kiel, Remy Abell, Cubs Baseball, the Colts Draft, and Whether I Give a Damn About the Indiana Pacers
April 21, 2013

Every Sunday, the questions of kentsterling.com readers are answered.  All questions are welcome via email at kentsterling11@yahoo.com or via Twitter @kentsterling.  Include your first name and hometown.  They are compiled through the week, and those that prompt the best answers are selected for publication. Kent – Gunner Kiel has committed to four schools by my […]