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World Series delay highlights Bud Selig’s shortsighted cash-first leadership
October 21, 2014

by Kent Sterling Momentum should build to a frenzied crescendo through the end of a regular season and throughout the postseason of a major league sport.  The five-day delay between the end of the NLCS and the beginning of the World Series has reduced the enthusiasm over this season’s Fall Classic to near zero outside […]

Major League Baseball overreaching in talking about ban on smokeless tobacco
July 17, 2014

by Kent Sterling There is no argument that chewing tobacco is just about as dumb a thing as human beings can do.  It’s highly addictive and causes oral cancer.  Those are two very solid reasons to avoid sticking weeds in your mouth and spitting the disgusting juice. But there is also no argument that people […]

Baseball Is Wrong for Considering Replay for All Calls
August 15, 2013

by Kent Sterling Every call on the field may be reviewed if a proposal submitted to Commissioner Bud Selig by Major League Baseball Executive Vice President Joe Torre is approved. What a nightmare.  I’ll pack a pillow next time I attend a game.  That’s exactly what baseball needs is another reason to slow the action even […]

Hey Bud! Ban Alex Rodriguez for Life, or Be Doomed
August 1, 2013

by Kent Sterling Can Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig pour a cup of coffee without consulting an attorney?  Does he need Alan Dershowitz to call his cardiologist to negotiate an extra pack of sugar or dollop of creamer? It’s time for Bud to sack up and lead, or get the hell out of the way. Click here to […]

PED Scandal Continues to Plague Major League Baseball – Is Anyone Surprised?
June 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling When the benefits of breaking the rules outweigh the penalties, corruption will prevail.  That’s true in any business, and it’s why baseball continues to be mired in the seemingly endless cycle of performance enhancing drugs scandals. In simpler terms – it pays to cheat. And without an effective leader, it will continue. […]