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Being fired might be a very good thing for Colts coach Chuck Pagano
December 27, 2016

That damnable moment comes for almost everyone.  A meeting is called, a door is closed, and the news is imparted short and sweet, “Today is your last day.” It’s a very public event when an NFL head coach is told his services are no longer required, and it can also be quite lucrative.  The cash doesn’t help cushion […]

Indy Morning Sports List – Top 10 reasons Colts should keep Chuck Pagano
January 4, 2016

It is exceptionally likely that Chuck Pagano is going to pack his belongings today and leave the Colts practice facility for the final time.  Because his contract has expired, the Colts don’t need to fire him.  They just have to tell him thanks and goodbye. I would like that to not be the case. Winning […]

Colts lose to Patriots – Chuck Pagano fake punt call shows insecurity in job
October 19, 2015

by Kent Sterling Coaches who feel the hot breath of a boss on his neck tend to make squirrelly decisions.  Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano made a call last night with the game on the line that defied logic, belief, and rationality. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Facing a fourth-and-three on their own 37 while […]

Indianapolis Colts – Fans Calling for Heads to Roll Need to Relax
November 26, 2013

by Kent Sterling Did you really think it was going to be that easy for the Indianapolis Colts?  Did you think 2-14 could instantly become consistent championship level football?  Do you believe the men running the other 31 NFL franchises are morons? The answers are – it isn’t, it can’t, and they aren’t. Click here […]