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Chicago Cubs Introduce their New Mascot, Named After My Father – Clark
January 13, 2014

by Kent Sterling My Dad is irate.  Somewhere in the middle of the great beyond, Clark Sterling is cursing the Chicago Cubs with the same zeal he showed for 70 years in life. The Cubs have decided to do what every other sports franchise tired of trying to extort friendliness and appearances out of their […]

Top Five Lessons I Learned from My Dad – on His Birthday
August 6, 2013

by Kent Sterling My Dad would have turned 84 yesterday, and like most dads, the lessons he taught through his life resonate with me everyday. He was a larger than life character who laughed a lot – at, with, and around others.  The complete honesty with which he conducted himself was either bold and wonderful […]

Today, I Start Trusting My Memories and Say So Long to Boxes of Evidence
April 17, 2013

by Kent Sterling There are gatherers, and there are hoarders.  I live in the middle.  Anything with even a shred of emotional value gets a place in a box, to be disturbed only when we move or when capacity is reached in the attic or garage. We are at capacity after the move back from […]