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Cincinnati Football ranked #5 – with zero hope to move up to #4
November 10, 2021

Sorry, Cincinnati.  You will not be invited to the College Football Playoff. Go ahead and win out against the remainder of your schedule (at South Florida, vs. SMU, and at East Carolina), and dare the committee to ignore your unblemished resume’.  You still won’t play for the National Championship. There are some legitimate reasons – like the […]

Time to expand College Football Playoff is not now – or ever! Leave it alone!
October 2, 2020

The College Football Playoff is fine as it is.  Administrators thinking about tinkering with it need to take a deep breath and focus their attention on wrecking something less important and perfect. Expanding the College Football Playoff for this season – or forever – is a terrible idea for more than two reasons, but only two matter. There […]

Big 12 exclusion from College Football Playoff is University of Texas’ fault
December 8, 2014

by Kent Sterling What was former Big 12 Commissioner Don Beebe supposed to do, let the Big 12 unravel after Texas decided to shift to the Big Ten or Pac-12? Beebe played the only card available to him, which was to allow each member school to form its own network.  This wasn’t the best solution […]