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Indianapolis Colts fake punt even sillier after Pat McAfee’s explanation
October 21, 2015

by Kent Sterling First, do no harm.  Good rule for doctors – and football coaches. Chuck Pagano’s decision to try to trick Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots Sunday night was a true “What the hell?” moment.  Sixty hours later, after the curtain was finally peeled back to reveal the reason the play didn’t […]

Colts lose to Patriots – Chuck Pagano fake punt call shows insecurity in job
October 19, 2015

by Kent Sterling Coaches who feel the hot breath of a boss on his neck tend to make squirrelly decisions.  Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano made a call last night with the game on the line that defied logic, belief, and rationality. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Facing a fourth-and-three on their own 37 while […]