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No Way Louisville Can Be Denied Tonight against John Calipari and Kentucky
March 28, 2014

by Kent Sterling With every word out of John Calipari’s mouth at the Midwest Sweet Sixteen in Indianapolis, I lost more faith in humanity.  During a time when honesty matters less and less in government and business, Calipari is setting a course for the sub-basement where truth is not acknowledged as a concept. His assessments […]

Kentucky vs. Louisville – the 1983 Game Was All-Time Great for Fun and Cash
March 25, 2014

by Kent Sterling When the seeds held in the sub-regional of the 1983 NCAA Tournament, a very cool opportunity availed itself for Indiana University students who were interested in making a small investment and taking a little drive south to Knoxville, Tennessee. Big Ten champion Indiana was scheduled to play Kentucky, and Louisville would play […]