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Top 11 basketball coaches in Indiana hoops history
March 30, 2016

There may come a time when Frank Vogel, Mike Brey, Matt Painter, Chris Holtmann, and Tom Crean qualify to be listed among the all-time greats in a state that is well known for its love and mastery of basketball. But that day is not today. This list – like all lists – is imperfect.  Qualifying […]

2013 NCAA Tournament – Louisville Gets Trophy; How to Make 2014 Better
April 9, 2013

by Kent Sterling Last night, Louisville did what they do.  They won by finding a way to make a couple of two-minute stretches break the backs of their opponent.  Luke Hancock knocked down shots, and Michigan didn’t have enough second half answers to get over the hump that got bigger with every possession. As with […]