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Adam Silver enjoying fruits of easiest decision he’ll ever make as NBA commissioner
April 30, 2014

by Kent Sterling The opportunity to do the right thing and the most practical thing simultaneously doesn’t come along very often for a guy in charge, but it happened yesterday for NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is just that big a tool, and Silver has him to thank for grooving […]

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to bring down hammer on Donald Sterling today at 2p
April 29, 2014

by Kent Sterling People are outraged – players, coaches, fans, and virtually anyone associated with the NBA wants Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (no relation; his given game is Donald Tokowsky) ousted from their membership. Making the idiotic statements about African Americans represented on the recording obtained and disseminated by TMZ have made Sterling […]

Why are we surprised by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s ignorance?
April 28, 2014

by Kent Sterling It’s always a little stunning when there is such outrage when an idiot opens his mouth.  Human beings aren’t quite as bright as we like to think we are. People tend to enjoy disliking each other for their differences, and they have for the expanse of recorded history.  I’m not sure why, […]

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a racist, and makes us feel real smart
April 27, 2014

by Kent Sterling Earlier, I wrote about how the NBA should mandate that idiot Donald Sterling (no relation to me; he was born Donald Tokowitz) continue to own the Los Angeles Clippers as penance for the ignorance reflected in the racist comments reported yesterday by TMZ.com. A tape of a ridiculous conversation between Sterling and […]