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Guaranteed correct Colts, Hoosiers, Pacers, and NCAA predictions for 2021!
December 30, 2020

Time for some predictions for 2021. It would likely be better for traffic if I made a bunch of crackpot guesses that spark outrage and disbelief – like Archie Miller earning a pink slip, Victor Oladipo being traded to Dallas for Porzingis and draft picks, and Jacob Eason being the Colts starting quarterback in come […]

Five reasons conversations at Nick’s about Archie Miller being fired are waaaay premature
February 10, 2020

I hear you out there, Indiana fans.  You’re tired of the losses.  You saw Bob Knight at Assembly Hall and all your synapses started firing.  Visions of championships, excellence, and toughness started dancing in your brain. Indiana’s basketball season took a hard turn south a couple of weeks ago with 1:27 seconds left against Big 10 […]