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Indiana Basketball – More words from Bloomington as IU Athletics hopes in vain kids will suddenly listen
August 27, 2015

by Kent Sterling Unless former Indiana University president and chancellor Herman B. Wells can be reanimated, the highest authority in Bloomington has spoken on the recent spate of misbehavior authored by athletes – primarily basketball players. University president Michael McRobbie told a meeting of athletic department employees Tuesday, “What I do not want to see is […]

Indiana Basketball – Five reasons to part ways with Tom Crean; 11-million to wait
March 25, 2015

by Kent Sterling The future of beleaguered Indiana Basketball coach Tom Crean is being weighed in Bloomington based on a number of factors.  The most meaningful is money.  And make no mistake, when decisions are made by adults, money is always the determining factor. There are other components, but plugging in the dollars usually leads […]

Indiana Basketball – So many questions from texters about IU hoops, including “Does winning mean unending purgatory under Crean?”
March 13, 2015

by Kent Sterling My smart phone was buzzing last night and continues this morning with texts from IU alums and boosters, most of whom are concerned that a win against Northwestern will mean a “stay of execution” for Tom Crean as Indiana’s basketball coach. Those texts underscore the mood regarding Indiana Basketball among those looking […]

Hoops Round-up: The Fate of IU and the Start of IHSAA Sectionals
March 4, 2015

by Bert Beiswanger Indiana’s 14 point dismantling by Iowa Tuesday night leaves the Hoosiers in a not so satisfactory position heading into tournament time. Beat Michigan State this weekend or…  Even if Indiana can beat Michigan State, it’s one heck of a bind the Hoosiers have put themselves in. While a segment of Hoosier Nation […]