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Top 10 ways for Pacers fans to view the George Hill for Jeff Teague trade
June 23, 2016

One hometown hero swapped for another. It’s easy to be conflicted about this deal.  We watched George Hill lift an otherwise mediocre Broad Ripple High School team to relevance a decade ago before doing the same thing with IUPUI and helping the Pacers to consecutive Eastern Conference Finals, but we also enjoyed Jeff Teague at […]

Not sure why the fuss about Indiana Pacers guard George Hill’s tweet
June 11, 2014

by Kent Sterling We all need different things to motivate us, and some hear only the cheers and others focus on the boos.  Whatever gets you up in the morning working hard is fine by me. Click here to follow Kent Sterling on Twitter Indiana Pacers guard George Hill tweeted this morning about how more […]

Indiana Pacers Open Tonight – Yesterday They Were Busy Too with Kids Against Hunger
October 29, 2013

by Kent Sterling The Indiana Pacers are not just co-favorites to win the NBA’s Eastern Conference, according to contributors from Sports Illustrated, they are a team that enjoys making Indianapolis a better place through their work and example. I’m not such a sap that I believe the ubiquitous marketing people who try to extoll the […]

Indiana Pacers – Larry Bird’s Controversial Drafts Built This Playoff Team
April 22, 2013

by Kent Sterling Watching the Pacers NBA Playoffs win yesterday against the Atlanta Hawks, it was impossible not to see the immense impact Larry Bird had in building the roster. Makes sense, doesn’t it?  I mean Bird ran the draft for nearly a decade, so the roster is damn near all him.  But the hell […]